Panel: Collaboration in government, introduced by Sharyn Clarkson

Sharyn Clarkson will introduce some fertile collaborative work that’s been happening between a number of agencies that do not typically work together on projects. This panel will talk broadly about how this sort of collaboration is possible, and the speed bumps and slip streams that are encountered as part of the process.

Sharyn Clarkson / Panel

The aGov Drupal 8 government distribution

Following the forking of aGov for Drupal 7 for govCMS in 2015, significant effort has gone into rebuilding aGov as a distribution for Drupal 8. This talk will detail the major changes made in aGov 8 in terms of functionality and architectural approach, along with examples of it being used on live websites by major government organisations.

Owen Lansbury

The blueprint for secure Drupal 8 platform/builds with composer

This session will focus on what a secure Drupal 8 distribution should look like, and how to use Composer to build, package and deploy a Drupal 8 site.

In a Drupal 8 site, the only code in the repository will be custom code - everything else is defined as a dependency. This makes it clear what the audit surface is. If it's in the repository, it's custom-code. Everything else is added via our composer.json file.

Lee Rowlands

Building a Drupal distribution for a group of government depts in New Zealand

After an 18 month long RFP process, New Zealand’s Central Agencies Shared Services (CASS) tasked Sparks interactive to build a CMS Platform and distribution.

This platform supports 13 websites under the head of the three Central Agencies – the State Services Commission, the Treasury, and Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. In this presentation, we share our experiences gained from building a Drupal distribution to cater for over 150 quite specific requirements, and how we support the site owners to move onto the new platform. 

Dave Sparks, Heike Theis

Revolutionising the Government Intranet with Drupal

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) intranet (e-Hub) has been developed in Drupal as a fully functional digital platform to be the single source of information for all personnel within CDPP. The new e-Hub was designed to not only be more visually appealing but also improve accessibility and usability across all devices to inspire all CDPP staff to communicate on the platform.

The main aim of this project was to revolutionise the way CDPP communicates with internal stakeholders. This meant:

Ian Laslett