Accessibility & UX

The aGov Drupal 8 government distribution

Following the forking of aGov for Drupal 7 for govCMS in 2015, significant effort has gone into rebuilding aGov as a distribution for Drupal 8. This talk will detail the major changes made in aGov 8 in terms of functionality and architectural approach, along with examples of it being used on live websites by major government organisations.

Owen Lansbury

Boost your site with type

Text-heavy sites are very common when working in government, but they don't need to be ugly. This session will take a dive in to online typography and how you can use it to make your site pop. 

We'll cover the principles of good typography, an introduction to webfonts and best practice methods for implementing webfonts and rich typography into your site.
Adrian Redman

Conversational Interface: The coming face of the web

Conversational Interfaces are termed as the new age technology and something that will dominate the digital scene in the coming decade. We are already familiar with Siri assistant on iPhones, and Ok Google on Androids, but there is more to it.

Conversational Interfaces are not limited to speech recognition. There are alternative ways to engage the user in a conversation with the machine, many of them simpler and easier to integrate into our websites.

Arijit Dutta