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Realityloop provides Drupal development services, actively contributes to Drupal 7 and 8 core and develops contributed modules with large user bases. As a result, we’re helping improve Drupal for a huge community of users and developers.

We care most about delivering your project according to Drupal best practices, while also ensuring that the end result is simple to use for both your content creators and site visitors.

Our development process is heavily architected to enforce quality, best practice, and to give code improvements back to the Drupal community at large.

Our team contributes heavily back to the Drupal project through:

  • Development workflow that enforces contribution as patches to issue queues
  • Community Leadership (Melbourne Australia)
  • Mentorship of new contributors at Drupal conferences worldwide; inducted approximately 2000 new contributors since 2014
  • Development and co-maintainership of over 120 modules on drupal.org
  • Contributions to Drupal core development
  • Organisation of local conferences and camps