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Hey you, potential volunteer, yes you!

DrupalGov preparation for Canberra 2017 is well underway, and we are determined to make this event smoother than Lake Burley Griffin on a still Autumn day with the fountain turned off. To do this we need not only volunteers, but really clear direction on how we expect our volunteers to help us. So we've put together a volunteer information page that we will keep updated with the roles as they evolve.

First up, we need representatives to deliver updates and field questions at the regional meetups. Anyone who regularly attends meetups is a perfect fit - you're already doing 99% of the job. For Brisbane, we've just signed up Vladimir who has just recovered from running DrupalSouth on the Gold Coast.

We will also be providing mentors for anyone who needs help with their submissions and presentations. If you have presented before, we'd really really love to have you on board, just to be available to one or two new speakers as they pull their thoughts and humorous powerpoint slides together. It will be very similar to talking about Drupal ... you got this.

Contact us to offer your volunteering services.

Recruit a presenter today!

While we're speaking about submissions ... have you gently coerced someone into being a presenter today? It's not hard - just say, "Hey! I *love* the new gel button thing on the website, you shoud present at DrupalGov!" or "Whoa, those kanban swimlanes are *tight* - you'll pack the ballroom at DrupalGov."

Maybe these unwitting folk just want to be enlightened as to how much they would love to present? Send them to us! We have the processes. Here's the quickstart guide.

While we wait for their submission to come through ... have you ever thought about presenting?


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27 Mar 2017
Canberra, Australia