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DrupalGov session highlights: govCMS

This is the first in a series of posts about our awesome DrupalGov 2017 session lineup.

2016 saw govCMS increasing the overall penetration of Drupal into the Australian government landscape, with the govCMS website boasting over 100 sites now on the platform. In other news, a successful first govCMS camp happened this week, and a new Drupal Services Panel closes for applications in a few days.

The Department of Finance is our Diamond sponsor this year, so its fitting to look at a few of the govCMS sessions we have lined up.

State of the Environment Report

What happens when you take a 1200 page printed annual report and put it online? How does govCMS facilitate this process and support dynamic interaction with the data? Join the Department of Environment as they take you on their journey of maps and data visualisation - all on the SaaS platform. In a related talk about data, Gavin Tapp is presenting in more detail on govCMS and the open data movement.

Collaboration Panel

There are some encouraging signs that the govCMS movement is providing the right conditions for government departments to collaborate on shared outcomes. Sharyn Clarkson will introduce a panel to discuss successes to date, and where we might be heading as the platform matures and adoption increases.

When SaaS > PaaS and Lessons Learned

AFSA have been on the govCMS journey from the very early days, and there are few better than Adrian Wong to give you the lowdown on how to leverage out-of-the-box SaaS for fun and profit. Working with the SaaS platform is also a strong theme of Adam Leayr's Lessons Learnt from govCMS - there will be more than a few general tips for Drupal site building in this one.

govCMS Drupal 8 Roadmap

Late last year, the govCMS team did a Q&A session to the Drupal Canberra meetup, and the community got an insight into the Drupal 8 roadmap. Even though while most govCMS customers are adequately served by the current distribution and platform, this is a popular and an important topic - the PHP landscape is maturing rapidly and Drupal 8 is the bridge. A related session is Secure sites on Drupal 8, by Lee Rowlands, that dives more deeply into the challenges and opportunities of Drupal 8.

And plenty more..

For the front-enders and site builders, we have a presentation on CSS and another on the use of type on text heavy sites. And if you still haven't had your platform questions answered, there is a govCMS Q&A session in BoF room. We hope to see you there!


Thanks to our sponsor:

27 Mar 2017
Canberra, Australia