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Drupal surpasses 15% of GovAU

Since its entry into Australian government about 10 years ago, Drupal has made significant advances. Of the 946 federal websites listed at Australia.gov.au, over 150 of these are powered by Drupal (the list is below). Looking at federal and state government in general, the aGov Drupal distribution boasts 400 live sites, and the Department of Finance recently launched site 120 onto its govCMS platform.

Drupal has a large and active development community behind it and, with the launch of Drupal 8, it has evolved into a robust modern framework. It's not a fluke that Gartner places a Drupal vendor in the upper reaches of its Web Content Management magic quadrant.  

What are Drupal's strengths? Many. Best-of-breed configuration management, mature translation system, feature set, build tools, low cost-of-ownership, to name a few. Drupal is set to maintain and grow it's share of the market in Canberra for years to come.

DrupalGov on March 27 is the ideal forum for ICT managers and product evaluators to get a first-hand look at the culture and innovation that comes with the Drupal territory. Learn why Drupal is the complete solution for your website requirements, from technical features to security compliance. Get a taste of a development culture which is primarily agile, and talk to the project managements and other experts who make it work on a daily basis.

We look forward to seeing you at the QT Hotel.


List of Drupal sites from Australia.gov.au


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27 Mar 2017
Canberra, Australia