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DrupalGov Summit at DrupalCon Asia Mumbai

The Drupal Government Summit aims to bring together key stakeholders from the Indian government, consulting organizations and experts working or looking to collaborate on the ambitious Digital India initiative and discuss how Drupal (and Open Source Software) can be a key facet of its success.

Besides having experts share their insights, the summit will focus on engaging participants in discussions on the challenges of fostering Open Source projects in the public sector. The Summit aims to present actual and actionable takeaways with measurable goals at its conclusion.

The summit will be organized with the active participation and support of the Open Source Consortium of India (OSCI.in), IIT Bombay and the Drupal Association.

This initiative is another step in making DrupalGov part of a much larger effort involving organisers and volunteers preparing similar events in various countries and regions.

Who should come?

  • Any individual or organization interested in working on evangelizing Drupal and open source software solutions in large scale public sector projects
  • Anyone interested in learning and improving the dynamics of large scale government projects
  • Anyone passionate about promoting and fostering open source in the public sector
  • Anyone willing to be part of an open dialogue between private enterprise, open source communities and the public sector institutions
IIT Bombay Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076
Thursday, February 18, 2016
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