Media Management in Drupal 8

Ivan Zugec

In Drupal 7 and below, managing media isn't one of its strengths. You do have a few modules which attempt the solve the problem. Some can be difficult to configure and others are not that feature rich or just support one type of media, i.e., images.

Most Drupal sites do end up with some sort of media management but it's often buggy and difficult to use, but things in Drupal 8 are very different. Managing media in Drupal 8 has got a lot better thanks to the work from the Drupal Media team.

In this session I'll cover the following:

  • What's changed in the media ecosystem
  • Where media management is heading
  • Show how to store media assets using the "Media entity" module
  • Demonstrate how to embed assets using the "Entity embed" module
  • And finally, show how to use "Entity browser" module

By the end you'll have a good understanding of which modules are required to handle media in Drupal 8.

27 Mar 2017
Canberra, Australia

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