Living Styleguides – The power of Zen

Alex Page
Oakton Digital

Have you had a visual design or wireframe signed off that was then changed due to requirements?

Have you noticed that elements that have the same functionality don’t have a consistent visual style?

Have you implemented a visual design and need to iterate and change how it worked?

Often when creating user interfaces in Drupal we look to a style guide or visual designs and use them as a tool to implement a coherent user experience. During implementation, these artefacts are changing and updating and this often not translated due to them being a static JPG, PDF or Invision prototype.

During this presentation, we will go over the different approaches to creating visual artefacts. A brief introduction to the zen theme and how we can use node KSS to create living artefacts. We will dive into a small demo on how we can turn a static JPG, PDF or prototype into living artefact with the Zen theme.

27 Mar 2017
Canberra, Australia

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