Australian State of the Environment Report 2016

Simon Gallant
Department of Environment

This is a case study about bringing a 1200+ page printed report kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

The Australian State of the Environment report has been converted to an online, interactive site migrating the previous 2011 report and adding the 2016 report allowing for comparison of change over time.  The new site enables content to be browsed, filtered, aggregated and interrogated by users in a variety of ways.

Three different government open data, open source, platforms were brought together to deliver data and content.

  • govCMS SaaS to host the site and deliver content
  • User interactivity with datasets and bespoke data visualisations
  • to host all the data used on the site and to deliver datasets for visualisations using the CKAN module
  • National Map, a Terria.js platform to deliver spatial datasets in an interactive format
27 Mar 2017
Canberra, Australia

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