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Digital transformation

Drupal in Government

The Australian Government has pushed strongly towards Open Data and more recently Open API for Government. So what are the opportunities to transform Government services using Drupal? Can more Government data and services be exposed and be made publicly available using Drupal? These sessions are for project managers/directors, scrum masters and other “PM” profiles looking to fine-tune their skills and interact with an engaged community.

We are seeking sessions which discuss:

- Using aGov, govCMS or custom Drupal to build a websites for Government
- Opportunities using Drupal to support the Open Data and Open API initiatives
- Going beyond publishing web pages, using Drupal as a platform to do more
- Project management methodologies to make your projects run better and faster
- Leadership, coordination, and collaboration approaches
- Scope, risk, and change management techniques
- Project estimation and planning

Drupal Coding

How do you build Drupal?

How do you design the user experience and front-end of Drupal. What tools and processes do you use to build, test and deploy Drupal websites. This is a broad track to cover all aspects of the development lifecycle to website launch and on-going maintenance.

We are seeking sessions which discuss:

- Front-end, User Experience and Design
- Coding in Drupal
- Tools and methodologies used for developing Drupal websites
- Testing and quality assurance processes
- Compliance with Government standards and accessibility requirements
- Post-launch processes for maintenance and change management
- Automation
- Security
- Performance
- Monitoring and reporting
- Mobile apps
- Responsive design

Real World Drupal

Tell us your war stories! Case studies and panel discussions

Do you have a project which was absolutely awesome and exceeded all expectations? Perhaps your project started with good intentions but quickly went south. Tell the group about your experience using Drupal in your organisation, what lessons you learnt and are worth sharing.

Alternately, perhaps you have an interesting idea for a panel discussion about how best to approach a difficult problem. Pitch your idea for a panel discussion. Nominations will then open up to be on the panel to discuss and debate.

We are seeking sessions which discuss:

- Drupal project successes and failures
- Important lessons for Drupal projects
- Panel discussion topics

Drupal Future

Drupal 8 is coming!

A lot of new features are coming in Drupal 8. Are there some features that really excite you and you want to share. Then here's your opportunity to highlight these features and tell the group why these make Drupal 8 awesome.

Have you already implemented a Drupal 8 project? What new features did you use and how did these change the way you developed the website.

We are seeking sessions which discuss:

- New Drupal 8 features
- Drupal 8 contributed modules
- Developer changes required for Drupal 8
- Moving from Drupal 6 or 7 to Drupal 8

Drupal Connections

Drupal in your enterprise: deployment, integration and migration

A common challenge for Government is integrating a Drupal project with their existing infrastructure, this can range from deploying Drupal onto internal hosting, authentication with Active Directory to more complex requirements. What were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them.

Perhaps you needed to migrate information into or out of Drupal or use Drupal to transform data into useful information for public consumption.

We are seeking sessions which discuss:

- Challenges faced deploying Drupal within your organisation
- How you used Drupal to integrate with one or more enterprise systems
- Strategies used to migrate and transform information to/from Drupal
- Internet of Things and how it connects to Drupal sites