govCMS and the open data movement

govCMS is a great example of government making use of open source software, and driving a change across across a large organisation; moving toward greater collaboration and sharing of effort.
This talk gives some history about the origins of govCMS, how it came to use Drupal , how it is managed as an open source project and how it allows collaboration between agencies. I'll also touch on how this was important in the collaboration that produced the govCMS CKAN module.
Gavin Tapp

Making Views with Drupal 7 and Drupal 8

The Views module is a powerful tool. It gives site builders and site managers enormous control over displaying their content. But flexing the full power of views can be daunting.

In this session, we'll take a practical look at the difference between Views in Drupal 7 as a contributed module, and views in Drupal 8, now that it is in core.

We'll look at some of the Advanced features in views, and find out how we can get more out of our content using the full slice and dice capacity of the views module, with help from some of it's friends.

Donna Benjamin

We're proud to announce the first Keynote for DrupalGov 2017, Catharine McNally. Catharine is an Experience Analyst based in the United States. She works with the Drupal consulting firm Phase 2 Technology, and has a passion for utilizing technology to create an equal web for all users, regardless of whether or not they have a disability.

Early Bird tickets for DrupalGov 2017 are now on sale - and this year we are setting the bar with 50 tickets available for $35 + gst! That's only the price of 10 coffees (though I'll concede that's with my staff discount). This offer will last until mid January, or until we run out - and we will probably run out - so get in fast!

DrupalGov preparation for Canberra 2017 is well underway, and we are determined to make this event smoother than Lake Burley Griffin on a still Autumn day with the fountain turned off. To do this we need not only volunteers, but really clear direction on how we expect our volunteers to help us. So we've put together a volunteer information page that we will keep updated with the roles as they evolve.

Volunteer information

The heart of DrupalGov, and any Drupal event from camps to conferences, are the volunteers that give their free time and love. We'll be updating this page with a list of current supporters and the key ways that you can help. So far the roles described here are the ones we need now or soon, if there is a way you think you can support us, please get in touch!