We've had a great response to our call for sessions this year, and we're very pleased to present the results, the DrupalGov 2017 Sessions.

Among the mix, we have case studies from Australia and NZ, we have representation of three distributions, and a whole bunch of technical talks.

Realityloop provides Drupal development services, actively contributes to Drupal 7 and 8 core and develops contributed modules with large user bases. As a result, we’re helping improve Drupal for a huge community of users and developers.

We care most about delivering your project according to Drupal best practices, while also ensuring that the end result is simple to use for both your content creators and site visitors.

Our development process is heavily architected to enforce quality, best practice, and to give code improvements back to the Drupal community at large.

DrupalGov CBR 2017 Gold

At Oakton Digital our experienced team of digital experts work closely with clients to design seamless and intuitive solutions that are tailored to individual needs.

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible outcomes for our customers. We achieve this through passion, determination, experience and expertise for good user experience design, open source technologies and agile delivery.

DrupalGov CBR 2017 Gold

Adelphi Digital is an international award-winning digital consultancy. 

We deliver leading edge digital services including user-centric design, content management systems including Drupal and govCMS, user research, technical build services and full managed services for clients around the globe.

DrupalGov CBR 2017 Platinum

Australian State of the Environment Report 2016

This is a case study about bringing a 1200+ page printed report kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

The Australian State of the Environment report has been converted to an online, interactive site migrating the previous 2011 report and adding the 2016 report allowing for comparison of change over time.  The new site enables content to be browsed, filtered, aggregated and interrogated by users in a variety of ways.

Three different government open data, open source, platforms were brought together to deliver data and content.

Simon Gallant

Panel: Collaboration in government, introduced by Sharyn Clarkson

Sharyn Clarkson will introduce some fertile collaborative work that’s been happening between a number of agencies that do not typically work together on projects. This panel will talk broadly about how this sort of collaboration is possible, and the speed bumps and slip streams that are encountered as part of the process.

Sharyn Clarkson / Panel

From spaghetti to lasagne - writing clean code for Drupal 7 and 8 with Domain Driven Design

Drupal is often referred to as a set of golden handcuffs. Whilst it allows you to rapidly prototype your development project, you can easily end up with a spaghetti mess of unmaintainable code that can only be tested with end-to-end functional tests.

Domain Driven Design is an approach to software development that was coined by Eric Evans in his 2004 book of the same name. It involves placing the primary focus of development on the core business domain and domain logic.

Lee Rowlands