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How to organise a DrupalGov event

DrupalGov events are organised by local teams. Anyone can run a DrupalGov. This page has some information on how to go about establishing and running a local DrupalGov event.

What is DrupalGov and why should I run one?

DrupalGov is a like a DrupalCamp – a one or two day mini-conference, with an explicit focus on the specific challenges of the public sector. A DrupalGov event can help bring a Government community together, share common challenges, and explore innovation.

Can anyone run a DrupalGov event

Yes, anyone can run a DrupalGov event. There are no restrictions on the use of the DrupalGov name (other than those set down by the Drupal Trademark Policy).

Do I have to call my event "DrupalGov"?

No. We don't mind what you call your event. If you want to use a different name but still associate with DrupalGov, you can use wording like "A DrupalGov affiliate event" or "Another DrupalGov event", or your choice of similar wording, with a link back to the DrupalGov website. We will then list your event here as well.

I have a related public-sector event, will you list it?

Yes, if your event is largely about promoting Drupal in the public sector, we will list it in exchange for a link back to the DrupalGov website. You can use wording like "A DrupalGov affiliate event" or similar, we're flexible.

How do I run my event?

DrupalGov events are run by local teams and are independent of the umbrella DrupalGov organisation and this website. As an event organiser, you are entirely responsible for complying with local laws and ensuring you've covered financial and insurance obligations. There are several ways which you can do this, depending on which country you live in;o.

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